About us

Ever since the establishment of the company, in 2005, PS Multiservices has always put on the first place the client and his requests. During the years we have learnt that the best advertisement is represented by a satisfied client. That is the reason why we don’t invest money and time in advertising but we invest in the relationship with the client.

The sustained development of translation field in Romania represents a daily challenge for us and this determines us to fight permanently to obtain perfection and to maintain the quality standards that our clients got used to.

Our translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice have realized during time a large number of projects of translations and interpretations within various fields.

The range of abilities within our office covers both short texts that imply the execution of a translation in 30 minutes and big projects that have the deadline in a few months.

Your order will be retrieved and processed until the end only by one coordinator within our office, so that we can provide a perfect communication and answer promptly to any request in relation to you.

The translation will be delivered to the client printed or in electronic format according to preferences, if it doesn’t need authentication and those translations that need authentication will be delivered in printed format together with the Closing of Authentication and Stamp of the translator and notary who certificates the signature of the authorized translator by the Ministry of Justice.