Higher Authentications

The steps for obtaining the complete formalities are the following:

– Stamping of the original documents by the Ministry of Justice / Ministry of Education / Ministry of Health / Ministry of External Business / Chamber of Notaries Public (according to the type of the document);

– Authorized translation in the language of the country where it is going to be used or in an international foreign language by a authorized translator by the Ministry of Justice;

– Authentication of the translator’s signature by a notary public;

– Higher Authentication of the signature and seal of the notary public by the Chamber of Notaries Public;

– Higher Authentication of the seal of the Chamber of Notaries through the Ministry of External Business;

– Final Higher Authentication through Consular Department of the particular state in Romania.

Please note!

– The study documents will be able to be higher legalized on the original through the Ministry of External Business only after they have been stamped by the Ministry of Education.

– The documents under private signature cannot be higher legalized. For further information about the working procedures please contact us directly.

Delivery Deadlines::

The realization of the complete procedures, according to the above mentioned takes at least 3 working days for urgent situations.

The delivery deadline is influenced by many implied agents and will be discussed and negotiated for each situation in particular while assuring you with all our availability for solving the order as soon as possible.

We do not tax supplementary the urgent services for higher authentication!